Lean Startup Certified
Associate – LSCA


Lean Startup is about creating from a big vision, where we want to change the world & do something really significant. It combines Agile Development with Customer Development so we can be disciplined about how we create our startups.

The Lean Startup Certification aims to ensure that this agile methodology is implemented and internalized by all members of the organization, and gives you practical methods, tools, and strategies to lead an empowered workforce capable of embracing and achieving fast, flexible decision making. You will learn how to take advantage of the opportunities change brings to ensure long-term success by creating value at every level of your organization.

Main subjects

  • You will learn how to validate a business model and increase your success factors
  • You will learn to implement lean in real projects
  • You will learn about the Lean Startup: Design, Measure, and Learn cycle.
  • You will apply what you’ve learned in dynamics and case studies.
  • You will look at case studies of companies that successfully applied Lean Startup.
  • You will develop testable, measurable and actionable hypotheses.



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Who is this certification for?

★ People who have a business idea and are interested in validating and developing it through a Startup.

★ Professionals who want to update their knowledge and are interested in the Startups world and new technologies.

★ Consultants and independent service providers.

★ Entrepreneurs looking for an agile framework that works effectively in the realization of their disruptive ideas.

★ Entrepreneurs who are at the forefront of a business and want to boost it or rethink their model.

★ Project managers


Prerequisites are not specific for entry to the examination 


Exam Details

Exam Name:

Lean Startup Certified Associate – LSCA Exam

Exam Format:

Multiple-choice questions

Exam Delivery:

Web-based (single-browser), closed book, no outside assistance, timed

Exam Duration:

Once the exam begins, candidates have 1 hour to complete the exam

Number of Questions:


Passing Score:


Available languages:




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