OKR Certified Associate


OKR Certification aims to ensure that the agile methodology is implemented and internalized by all members of the organization, ensuring that everyone moves in the same direction, focused on the same goal and at a constant pace. Implementing OKR in your organization will allow you to develop challenging and motivating goals, as well as key results that ensure the fulfillment of those goals. OKRs are an agile management methodology that will help close performance gaps through change initiatives. Initially applied by Intel, it spread to other companies such as Google, YouTube and Amazon whose growths have been exponential. It’s a simple but difficult-to-apply approach designed to create alignment and commitment around measurable goals.

Main subjects

  • Recognize the differences between OKR, KPI and other management systems.
  • Learn how to write challenging and motivating key goals and results.
  • Master OKRs in practice for their implementation.
  • Learn about the most commonly used roles, cadences, and tools.
  • Apply what you’ve learned in dynamics and case studies.
  • Analyze case studies of companies that successfully applied OKRs.
  • Develop strategic planning through OKR.



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Who is this certification for?

Managers interested in improving the productivity of your organization. Professionals from different functional areas such as logistics, finance, operations, marketing management, sales and the like, who are interested in improving the efficiency and fulfillment of their teams’ objectives. Project managers, product owners, who want to make the management of their projects more effective. Professionals involved in Business Agility who want to learn a new agile framework. Anyone who wants to improve the management of their company.


The following prerequisites are not specific for entry to the examination however are highly recommended for those who intend to take the exam: Successful completion of OKR Certified Associate training. You can find a list of our accredited training organizations at Our Partners

Exam Details

Exam Name:

OKR Certified Associate – OCA

Exam Format:

Multiple-choice questions

Exam Delivery:

Web-based (single-browser), closed book, no outside assistance, timed

Exam Duration:

Once the exam begins, candidates have 1 hour to complete the exam

Number of Questions:


Passing Score:


Available languages:




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